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The First International Intergrated Medical Institute in India and Abroad.

Integrated Medical Institute means all medical divisions under one umbrella .

  1. Aloppathy :- All different divisions of allopathy
  2. Ayudveda :- All branches of Ayurveda
  3. Homeopathy:-
  4. Naturopathy :-
  5. Unani Medicine :-
  6. Sidha Vaidhyam
  7. Tribal Medicines  of India and Abroad
  8. Accupuncture
  9. Paramparaghatha  Medicine (Ottamuli)    etc..

Alopathy:-   Various branches of alopathy

  1. International Cancer Medicines
  2. Geriatrics
  3. Pediatric
  4. Cardiologhy
  5. Critical Care Medicine
  6. Gastroentrology
  7. Endrominolgy
  8. Gynacology
  9. Ortho
  10. Urology  
  11. Neurology
  12. Psychology
  13. Opthalmology   etc…..

Ayurvedham (Ashtanga Ayurvedam )

1.Kaya –Chikilsa-  Kaya means body Chikilsa means treatment .   It is a branch of ayurveda which deals with the treatment of the body with the help of admistrastion of various ayurvedic medicines internally or externally

2. Shalya tantra ( Ayurvedic surgery) Shallya means harmful particles of body

Thanthra means science It is  a branch of Ayurveda  which deals with the  management of decises  caused by shalya

3. Shalakya thanthra – (Opthalmology and E N T)  shalaka means a rod like

Instrument, shalakya related to shalaka it is  a branch of Ayurveda which deals with the treatment and management of decises supraclavicular(Urdhva jatraget) Organs .  Shalaka is used in the treatment of most of the decises of Eye Ear Nose and throut in ayurveda

4. Koumara chikilsa / Balaloga means pediatric koumaran means children brithya means nutirician , paranetal care  It is the brance of Ayurveda which deals with the diagonosis and treatment of deceases related to preconsumption, preganency, , childbirth,(delivery) and deces of children It also deals with the care of child born before its birth upto 16 years

5. Bhoot vidya :- Ayurvedic pshycharty  bhoot means invisible presence, vydya means knowledge it is branch of Ayurveda  which deals with deseases accured in herited from apparantley un non causes .  We can copare with modern terminology as treatment of pediopatric deses in which the exact cause of the deses is unknown

6. Agadtanthra  (Ayurvedic  toxicology ) Poisonal bite It is the branch of Ayurveda which deals with knowledge of toxin , poisonous, animals and management of toxicological problems

7. Rasayana tantra(Gereatrics)   Rasayan means any medicines or materials

Or behavior which enhance longevity and slows down the process of ageing

It is the branch of ayurveda which deals with various aspects of preventive health care

8. Vajikaran tantra – (Science of fertility and virility)  Vaji means horse ,a symbol of vital power or sexual power .  It is the branch of Ayurveda  which deals with sexual problems . It covers the management and treatment of sexual disorders .

Homeopathy:- Is a system of alternative medicine developed in 1796

By Smuel Haneman, based on his doctrine .  Homeopathy is not a plausible system of treatment as its dogma about how drugs , illness in the human body, liquid and solutions operate are contracted by a vide range of discoveries across biology, pshycology, physics and chemistry made in two century sonce its invention.

Naturopathy :-

  1. Hydropathy    treat with water in the form of variety of bath, underwater treatment, swimming etc..
  2. Mud theraphy – Full body mudd bath , various packs  formantation etc….

Mud is one of the five elements for nature having immese impact on the body in health aswell as sickness

    3    manual therphy    It include various type of theraphy like oil theraphy

         Vibrotheraphy, hotsone theraphy, deep tissue theraphy etc…

4Fasting theraphy     Fasting is the supreme cure for all deceases

5.  Yoga  make  various type yoga

6. Yogi crea   Which are the cleansing practices that purifys the body to get good heath

7.  Yogasana  take various type of yogasanam

8.  Pranayamam –  Pranayam is a set of breathing practices that purify and heals our body system perfect

9.  Relaxation – Yoga  Nidra relaxation techinique is a helpful tool  coping with stress and promoting long term health   

10. Psychotherapy- the treatments are given for pain management 

Unani Medicine:-  It is an ancient system of medicines founded on the teaching of Hippocrates with contribution  from  greek philosophers Galen and Razes ,  Unani empasises on the role of key elements air, earth, fire and water in constituting health in the human body.  Unani medicine made from natural substances like plant product The system of medicines uses regimental theraphy which includes process that are believed to eliminate toxic agent anf cause clensing of the system through sweting  Turkish bath, massage, purging omitting execisess  leechaing etc…   Unani medicine also gives great important to special guides by regulating the quality and quantity of food .

Sidha Vydhya :-   It is the traditional  Indian medicine for the tamil culture ,  parmleaf manuscript say that  the sidha system was the first described by lord shiva to his wife parvathy.  Parvathy explained all this knowledge to her son lord Muruga .  He thought all this knowledge to his displisage Agasthya    Agasthya taught 18 sidhans and they spred this knowledge to human being.

Tribal Medicines :-  It is all generation medicine commonly used in tribal People.

Accupuncture :- It is a Chinese system of medicine it means the instruction of very fine and thin needles at specific point (accupoint)  on the surface of the body throw skin.

Paramparagatha Medicine:   It is traditional medicine commonly used in village areas>  The medicine prepared from plants  commonly seen in villages the extraction of plant leaf is used as medicines (Ottamuly)

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